The Best Time To Replace Your Car Tyres

car tyresThough wheel balancing, alignment and rotating tyres is imperative to enhance tyre longevity or life. However, there will be a time when you have to opt for a new set. For this reason, it is often a good idea to keep an eye out for these indications. Taking proper care of vehicle tyres is as important as caring for your car. Tyre rotation, alignment and wheel balancing help to reduce tear and wear to some extent, but you will still have to replace them after a certain moment. Is your quest for the best time to replace car tyres? Are you searching for reliable hints on when to replace your worn car tyres? Reading through the enumerated points below will help you on when to replace worn car tyres.

Balancing And Wheel Alignment Has No Effect:

When your vehicle does not drive or move in a straight line after being aligned, there is every possibility that your need car tyre replacement. It is simple a quick indicator that your vehicle tyres need to be changed. If the axle is damaged, it can make your car not to drive in a straight line. You can get a proper check by a trusted mechanic or an authorized dealership.

Tyre Grip:

Tyre grip is a function of rubber compound, tread pattern, correct wheel alignment, inflation pressures, and good steering linkage. This can eventually lead to the general good condition of the vehicle. You will have to consider all the listed factors when there is an indication for a tyre change.

Tread Depth:

It is always important to check on the amount of tread depth left on the tyres. This can be achieved by simply looking at the tread wear indicator. To be factual and upfront here, you will find tread wear on all modern vehicle tyres. In the alternative, you can try or apply the one rupee coin check. In case you find the tread depth to be less than what it should read, then go ahead to change the tyres quickly. This is because a lesser depth will decrease handling.


Keeping in mind of how many kilometers your car tyres have run is also a good factor to consider as well. Nevertheless, this idea will provide you with a rough estimate on when to change your car tyres. Under ideal conditions, most tyres will last about 40,000km. The estimated value of 40,000km is when your car tyres are not driven too much on a rough road. Howbeit, maintenance should not be neglected in the whole process as well.
It is highly recommended that you change all four when replacing tyres. You can also keep the best one from the old set as a spare head. Ensure that the correct set of tyres is used on the right terrain. To improve ride quality and minimize tyre wear, you can always fill up with nitrogen rather than regular air. It is important to know that misbehavior of directional stability or balancing of a vehicle may not be associated to worn tyres. Nevertheless, you can as well check for worn out steering linkage and suspension.

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