7 Places to Look for Biker Patches for Sale and Trade

If you are an enthusiast of motorcycles, then chances are you own more than one, and bikes aren’t the only thing you own. You likely have a collection of helmets, jackets, pants, and perhaps most importantly, biker patches. These decorative pieces say a lot about a biker, everything from where he had been, to what he buys, to who he associates, etc. If you have a collection of biker patches and are looking to expand it, you need to know where to get more pieces for your set. Keep reading to learn 7 of them.

biker patches image

1) Online: Sites like Amazon are good places to find individual patches for sale, although if you are looking for lots or entire collections, keep a regular eye on eBay to see what comes up. Also, check your local Craigslist from time to time. Things for sale there or even being given away for free are highly variable, but you never know when you help an ex-girlfriend offload her former boyfriend’s abandoned possessions from her home.

2) Collectible stores: There are certain stores that focus on pretty much anything collectible, and patches indeed count. Still, it’s hit or miss enough that it’s worth making a quick phone call first before spending all day driving around looking for them with your own eyes.

3) Conventions and Trade Shows: Biking is big business, and there are traveling trade shows, expositions, and conventions. If you live near any major city, then one is bound to pop on the calendar once or twice a year. Keep an eye for them in local advertising and visit when you can.

4) Motorcycle stores: National or regional chains might not prove fruitful, but if there is an independent store in your local area, it likely sells not only bikes but also helmets, accessories, parts, and all kinds of things, including biker patches.

5) Biker clubs: Not all bikers are members of biker gangs. Many are just part of casual riding clubs, and joining one of these leads to a lot of trading opportunities.

6) Estate sales: These are not a common source for biker patches, but some do adopt this passion in retirement, so entire collections do come onto the market all at once this way.

7) Biker bars: When all else fails, biker bars a place to think about regarding getting biker patches. More than likely, these are places where you can trade with others. However, you should be careful about being too enthusiastic about this. Some biker bars are welcome to all enthusiasts, and you’ll see patch trading going on openly. Other bars are more exclusive, and members have to earn their patches, so they aren’t going to be something you can just ask about trading for, not without risking angering hardcore bikers.

Now that you know seven places to look for biker patches for sale and trade, you have a chance to grow or start your collection.